What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

What are impact resistant shingles

The rooftop represents a significant investment, both the security of your home and the safety of your family. That’s why it’s so crucial to understand its aging process and the tell-tale signs when it’s time for repair. Eventually however, there comes a moment when repairs no longer make sense financially for your family. You’re left with a very tough call: do I repair or replace my roof?

Today, we’re going to dive into this crucial question and find simple ways to answer it. By the end you should know when to repair roof damage, and when the roof needs to be replaced. Let’s get started!

Impact resistant shingles are a type of shingle specifically designed to resist the damages of severe weather, especially hail and high winds. All shingles are tested for wind and hail damage resistance, and ranked according to that ability. Impact resistant shingles are rated class 4, the highest rating shingles can receive. This means, when tested, these shingles were able to withstand the impact of various size steel balls dropped at heights between 12 and 20 feet, which imitates the speed of hail falling.

In addition to hail impacts, the shingles are also tested for wind resistance. Impact resistant shingles are able to withstand winds with speeds up to 110 mph. These wind speeds match those of a category 2 hurricane, which can be extremely dangerous and destructive.

If your roof has been damaged by severe weather, and you want a roof with an improved ability to withstand damage, you may want to consider installing impact resistant shingles. Reach out to the professionals at Quality Homes USA, Inc. to find out more about how these shingles can benefit you by calling 516-430-5885.

Is impact resistant roofing worth it?

Are you wondering, “Should I get impact resistant shingles?” If so, you’ll want to weigh their advantages and disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages have over regular asphalt shingles is the initial cost of installation. In general, to install this type of shingle, you’ll spend 10% to 20% more than you would for a regular roof.

When weighing impact resistant shingles cost vs. regular, the cost of impact resistant shingles is often offset by the long-term protection they provide to your home. Many times homeowners will replace their asphalt shingle roof after it has been damaged by hail or wind damage with an impact resistant roof. These types of roofs are particularly valuable in areas where severe weather is frequently encountered.

Because of their durability, impact resistant roofs usually lower homeowners’ maintenance costs. You’re also less likely to have to replace the roof prematurely. Also, you’ll often save money because many insurers offer discounts for these types of roofs.

Impact resistant shingles vs. metal roof

One option homeowners consider instead of impact resistant shingles is metal roofing. Both types of roofing are highly effective when it comes to wind and hail damage resistance. Although metal roofs offer a great deal of protection, unless they are backed with insulation, they can be noisy, especially in hail storms. Hail can also dent the metal roofing material, which can affect its aesthetic appeal, and insurers often won’t cover this type of damage. Metal roofs do have an advantage in safety, however, when it comes to fire resistance. It’s almost impossible to ignite metal roofs. But, metal roofs still tend to cost more to install over most other asphalt and impact resistant roofs.

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How long do impact resistant shingles last?

Most impact resistant shingles are designed to last, under ideal conditions, about 30 years. As with most roofs, their longevity will depend on maintenance and regular upkeep. While they are highly damage resistant, they are not impervious to damage or aging. Most regular asphalt shingle roofs last anywhere between about 15 to 20 years.

What are impact resistant shingles made of?

Impact resistant shingles can be made of a variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, resin or plastic. Most are multilayered so they better resist impacts. The layers usually consist of fiberglass mat, back surfacing, and asphalt.

What do impact resistant shingles look like

If you just recently bought a home, it’s possible they may already have impact resistant shingles installed. You may wonder, How do I know if I have impact resistant shingles? Below are several identifying traits of impact resistant shingles.

How to identify impact resistant shingles

Shingles will be multilayered and thicker than standard asphalt shingles.

The impact rating may be marked on the underside of the shingle. If it is class 4 and rated U.L. Standard 2218, it’s impact resistant.

They should be labeled either by the Underwriter’s Laboratories or similar testing lab.

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