Wind Damage Roof Repair

Wind Damage Roof Repair

The Unexpected Storm Threat

Homeowners often point to hail damage or heavy rain as the most destructive hazards nature has to offer. In reality, extreme wind presents a much more consistent threat against your rooftop. Not only do heavy winds rip off shingles and expose your home to roof leaks, they also bring trees branches crashing down as well.

Wind is a hard challenge to fight, but our professionals at Quality Homes USA, Inc. offer the reliable service you need to repair your roof after a storm. Call our seasoned experts today at 516-430-5885 and ask about our wind damage roof repair in Long Island, NY! You’ll learn why so many New York residents entrust us with their homes after storm damage.

After Storm Service

While ripped and turn shingles are pretty easy to spot from the ground level, other symptoms of wind damage may be more difficult to identify. That’s why it always pays to schedule a roof inspection if you suspect damage after a major storm. Curled and displaced shingles leave your home vulnerable to leaks. Thankfully, timely repairs can help you avoid problems during the next storm.

Planning Your Next Steps

First of all, it’s crucial that you take photos of your roof if you plan on submitting a storm roof damage insurance claim. A thorough inspection will also help you plan your next steps. If there are a variety of damaged shingles spread across your rooftop, you may find replacement to be a more cost-effective solution. When the damage is isolated however, many prefer to stick with repairs.

For homeowners that get a professional inspection, they should receive a detailed findings report with an estimated cost for repairs or replacement. That report offers supplementary evidence for your insurance claim, plus it allows you to budget your roofing project. Make sure you get that report prior (or at least photographic documentation) before completing any repairs on the roof. Otherwise, your insurance company may not cover all the affected areas.

Contact our local team at Quality Homes USA, Inc. today and get an inspection for your rooftop. All you have to do is call 516-430-5885 and ask about our roof wind damage repair in Long Island, NY.