Residential Roof Installation

Residential Roof Installation

Long-Term Protection for Your Home

Perhaps even more than the doors, windows, or walls, your roof provides crucial protection for your home, especially against the elements. When a violent storm blows through the community, you want to know that the roof will continue to defend your property without leaking. But how can you guarantee that?

At Quality Homes USA, Inc., our experienced and trusted professionals create powerful roofing solutions for countless homeowners each year. Thanks to their tireless diligence, attention-to-detail, careful planning, and impeccable craftsmanship, our work lasts for decades. Don’t just take our word for it though! Take a look at the reviews from local New Yorkers, or see for yourself when you call our team at 516-430-5885 and ask about residential roof installation in Long Island, NY.

Expert Roof Installation Services

How does our team ensure that each residential roof installation completely satisfies the needs of our clients? We start by establishing your functional, design, and budgetary priorities. Some homeowners know exactly what they want for their roof, while others take a little inspiration from our seasoned professionals!

Asphalt Shingle Installation

We wouldn’t be much of a roofing company if we didn’t install shingles, would we? Asphalt shingles form the backbone of many homes across the United States. Shingles offer wonderful affordability and variety, meaning homeowners can easily find the style and texture they crave. They also provide very capable protection against most day to day challenges, but only if they receive a proper installation.

For both first time installations and roof replacements, our roofers make sure that your shingles start with a clean slate. That means healthy decking, sufficient nailing, and careful layering for maximum coverage and durability.

Architectural & Impact-Resistant Shingles

Some homeowners demand a higher threshold of protection against violent storms. That’s why our experienced professionals also offer installation for both architectural and impact-resistant shingles. Both solutions provide outstanding defense against the heavy winds that so often leave homes with missing shingles. Impact-resistant shingles also provide impressive defense against flying debris and hail, withstanding the force of stones falling at up to 90 miles per hour!

No matter what level of protection your home needs, our team can help! Talk with a professional about upgrading your Long Island, NY residential roof installation with premium storm-resistant shingles. Simple call our team at 516-430-5885 to learn more.

Synthetic Roofing Systems

What if your home could boast the appearance of natural wood, slate, or tile, without you taking on the extra maintenance work and heavy costs? Synthetic roofing solutions allow you to do just that! These premium shingle and shake systems convincingly imitate other luxury materials using recyclable components. Not only do they come at a fraction of the cost of naturally-sourced roofing materials, they also feature remarkably lower maintenance and structural requirements.

Soffit and Fascia Installation

Shingles aren’t the only important facets of your residential roof installation! Our team also ensures that your roof receives carefully-crafted fascia boards and soffit ventilation. Strong fascia boards provide a solid point of attachment for your gutter system, while preventing pests from breaching the attic. Proper ventilation in the soffit stops the attic from swelling up with solar heat.

Both parts play a crucial role in defending your home, so we take the time and effort to craft them well!

Superior Craftsmanship & Lasting Protection

When you purchase a Long Island, NY residential roof installation, wouldn’t you like to make sure your investment lasts? With the Quality Homes USA, Inc. team, you receive both the promise of superior craftsmanship and an outstanding warranty for the lifetime of the roof! After all, we know what it feels like to put your home in another’s hands.

To learn more about residential roof installation and the various solutions we have available, contact our friendly staff at 516-430-5885. They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and arrange an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule!