Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

A Stronger Roofing Solution

Have you felt the pain and frustration of losing your roof to extreme weather? Many homeowners have. Traditional asphalt shingles provide a remarkably affordable roofing solution. While they offer moderate protection against most roofing hazards, they are still somewhat vulnerable against the most extreme storms.

That’s why many families make a switch to something remarkably stronger. At Quality Homes USA, Inc., our roofers introduce numerous homeowners each year to the wonderful protection of a Long Island, NY impact resistant shingles installation. To learn how these durable alternatives can help defend your home, call our friendly team at 516-430-5885 and ask for more details!

What’s the Difference?

As with architectural shingles, impact resistant materials feature a significantly thicker composition. Despite their heavier design, they maintain a crucial flexibility that allows them to absorb severe impact trauma without cracking or tearing. In states with severe hail storms, homeowners have witnessed ice stones striking the roof at 90 miles per hour, simply to bounce off without rending the shingles.

Fewer busted shingles means far fewer chances of catastrophic roof leaks. If you’ve ever suffered a long-term water leak in your attic, you know how essential leak protection is to your home! The materials in each Long Island, NY impact resistant shingles installation must undergo rigorous certification process to earn their prestigious Class 4 impact rating. You can expect these shingles to last!

Should I Install New Shingles?

We find that many of our clients who have experienced a storm related roof disaster make the switch. When their roof is totalled by extreme wind or hail, some even use their insurance claim payouts to upgrade their roof.
That’s up to you and your family budget. Our team will be happy to support you no matter what type of roofing material you decide on.

Why not give our team a call at 516-430-5885 and find out more about impact resistant shingles installation in Long Island, NY? Our courteous roofing experts would be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with an estimate for your home. Call us anytime; we’ll be thrilled to serve you!

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