Soffit and Fascia Installation Long Island, NY

Soffit and Fascia Installation Long Island

Guarding the Extremities of Your Roof

As you can imagine, your rooftop plays a key role in both your home’s pest-resistance and energy-efficiency. Unfortunately, too many homeowners aren’t familiar with two of the most essential aspects of roofing protection: soffit and fascia. These roof segments defend your home against the elements and unwanted guests in the attic!

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What are Soffit and Fascia?

Both your soffit and your fascia boards perform essential services in the protection of your home. Without these crucial parts of your roof, your home would be subject to surging energy costs, aggressive pest invasion, and potential foundation damage. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it could be time for soffit and fascia replacement.

The Purpose of Soffit

Picture your roof, particularly the part that extends beyond the exterior wall. On the underside of this portion lies the soffit, arrayed vents that connect to the attic. The soffit has two important roles in the protection of your home. First, it blocks pests, moisture, and other hazards from sneaking into your attic from under the roof.

Secondly, your soffit vents excess heat that swells up inside the attic every day. Solar radiation heats up the surface of your roof and travels inward into your attic via a process called conduction. The heat radiates from the roof underside and warms the air within the attic, until that heat needs a place to escape. Without sufficient soffit ventilation, it travels downward and corrupts your wonderfully cozy air. With the right amount of ventilation however, heat can escape the attic as fresh outside air replaces it.

The Role of Fascia Boards

These boards, located along the edges of your extended roof, provide much needed protection against the elements. Loosened fascia boards are among the easiest points of entry for squirrels, birds, and other unwanted guests. A quality soffit and fascia installation prevents pests from slipping in beneath the main rooftop.

These boards have an additional, equally-important role: serving as the primary attachment point for your gutters. As many homeowners know already, gutters protect your foundation by safely redirecting water away from the foundation. When the connection between fascia board and gutter system weakens however, water begins to splash around either onto the fascia boards or down by the house walls. That’s no good for your home’s protection.

Schedule Your Soffit and Fascia Installation

Make sure your home has the essential protection provided by healthy soffit and fascia boards! If you haven’t had them checked in a while, ask your roofer for additional information during your next roof inspection. To learn more about soffit and fascia installation in Long Island, NY, or any other of our residential roofing services, contact our helpful team at 516-430-5885!