EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing

A Flexible Solution

One of the most affordable residential flat roofing systems on the market, EPDM membranes offer easy installation and convenient maintenance requirements. Out of the several types of single ply systems, many homeowners flock to EPDM for its lower cost. It’s also a very dependable solution!

Proper maintenance is crucial to your roofing system and helps extend the life of your roofing system in the long run. Our team uses the most durable materials and provides complete maintenance guidance and advice so your Long Island, NY roof lasts for years to come. To learn more about our services or to schedule a checkup for your home, call us at 516-430-5885.

Expert EPDM Installation

When it comes to installing a flat roofing system, nothing influences the roof’s lifespan like quality materials and professional installation. We utilize hardy materials designed to complement (and withstand) New York’s seasonal climate. After all, cheap materials only lessen the durability of the roof, and nobody wants that!

Our experienced installers work to make sure your roof design incorporates sufficient grading for essential drainage, plus maximum protection for any seams. This prevents ponding water problems and many roof leaksWhether you’re planning an original installation or an EPDM replacement, you can expect outstanding craftsmanship from our highly-rated roofers!

Schedule Your EPDM Roofing Service!

Ready to get professional installation or replacement service for your Long Island, NY EPDM roofing? Contact our local experts at 516-430-5885 and find out why so many locals come to us for all their roofing needs! When your roof requires replacement, we’ll be there to support you and your family.