Architectural Shingles Installation

Wonderful Wind Resistance for Your Home

Has your home ever lost shingles due to severe wind or other storm hazards? The next time you replace your roof, you may want to consider a Long Island, NY architectural shingles installation! This outstandingly tough roofing solution provides much needed wind-resistance to protect your home for decades to come. Learn more at 516-430-5885!

What are Architectural Shingles?

To start, architectural shingles come thicker than your traditional asphalt shingle. Each shingle starts with a powerful fiberglass mat that creates a durable backbone for the entire piece. Inside the traditional, water-resistant asphalt layer come hardened minerals glazed in a special ceramic coating. More layers may be added to this ensemble, depending on your chosen manufacturer.

Roofers install these shingles with a special layering process that provides two key functions. First, the layered design in an architectural shingles installation creates a three-dimensional aesthetic that makes your roof pop. Second, this added curb appeal also comes with significantly enhanced wind resistance.

Why an Architectural Shingles Replacement?

While architectural (or laminate) shingles make an excellent starting roof for practically any structure, many homeowners make the switch after a nasty storm or during a remodeling project. Their enhanced durability makes them an alluring choice for families who have struggled with severe wind damage and other storm-related hazards in the past.

Architectural shingles are designed to last for around 30 years, though some varieties are rated for up to 50! While they may cost 20 percent more than your average asphalt shingles, improved longevity certainly makes up for the extra expense.

Schedule Your Shingles Service!

Ready to find a shingles system that lasts for the next few decades? Call our team at 516-430-5885 and ask for an estimate on architectural shingles installation in Long Island, NY. We support countless New York families every year, and we can’t wait to serve you too!

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